Live Your Life in Colour and Feel Fabulous

Always be yourself. End of. Don’t be a unicorn. You know why? Because nobody in the whole wide world is better at being you, than you! Whether you’re black, white, orange or purple, embrace you, and go with the flow.

I find that this is much easier said than done, particularly for women in this day in age. We are bombarded with ideas of what is commonly accepted as beautiful. If you have felt like this at any point, check out my tips on using colour to help build your confidence.

Tara’s tip for today: Stop focusing on everyone else! Comparing yourself other people in any way, be it their fashion, their possessions, or the lifestyle you believe they lead, will only lead to misery! Let’s get real, people. Focus on being YOU. There is only you, and YOU are beautiful.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on body shapes, and how for dress to your shape.

-T x

Red Red Wine or Purple Haze?

Knowing which colours enhance your features the right way is paramount to your confidence!

A few years ago, my Aunty Liz who is a personal stylist, did my colour wheel, and it blew my mind! Because of my dark eyes, beige skin tone, and black/brown hair colour, I was classified at “Deep Winter”. This meant I should wear deep and bright colours, and made such a huge difference to my wardrobe and eventually, how good I felt in my clothes.

BTW, this is not gospel ladies, you can look, and feel good in other colours, this is how to choose the colours that help you put your best foot forward. Which one are you?




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